Hot Dub Wine Machine – Not A Festival (festival) |What we wore + review of the event |


Hey Guys,

Soooooo on the weekend I went to Hot Dub Wine Machine and it was amazing! On their website they say they aren’t a festival, however I believe they are, they’re just a more classier festival than the usual. Why do I say this? probably because the event is held at a winery? that’s pretty classy to me. The lineup for the event was pretty sick, its real lowkey underrated artists that play at this event which is cool. Sneaky Sound System and Touch Sensitive were my favourite acts for the day. Also, one thing that stand out a lot to me was that the portaloos were CLEAN! shocking I know! like they were actually clean and did not smell! Crazy.

Overall, the event was pretty neat there were giant janga blocks, connect 4 and other games to play! there was a undercover area to beat the heat. There was food stalls and free drinking water to fill up the water bottles to keep hydrated! The event was very well thought out, the vibes were good, people were really chill. I would definitely go again just because it isn’t like any other event. Would recommend!

PLUS, they offer a return bus from the city to the event which is handy for those who want to get a bit rowdy!

This event is held in 7 different states atm, they are:
WA – Swan Valley
QLD – O’Reilly’s Winery
NSW – Hunter Valley
TASSSSIE – Huon Valley
VIC – Yarra Valley
ACT – Molonglo River

Obviously, I went to the Tasssssie one! because TASSSIE WOOOO.

What my bestie and I wore.


Starting from top to bottom.

Roxy, Myself is wearing
– Plain Black singlet from Kmart roughly $6.
– Finders Bailey Wide Leg Pant, I bought this from Yeltour for $19 (bargain) but you canΒ  Β  Β  buy it from asos for $186.
– Adidas Tennis Court Shoes $80
– Sunnies are from esther

Spiller (My Bestie) is wearing,
– Betta Vanore Mini Dress from Princesspolly $65
– Raid Skylar Heeled Ankle Boots from ASOS $60


Thanks for reading,




Btw, Comment what you thought of the event or your experience or anything really, i’m down for a chatty chat chat.

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