DON’T LOOK AT ME NOW | Face Mask by LUSH – Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


Hey guys, I’m BACK!

So, I was given this LUSH Face Mask by my BFF and I have to say it’s pretty darn good! I even noticed a difference on my BFF face. Honestly, her face looked better than I’ve ever seen, because of this face mask! I wish she took photos because it honestly cleared her face up and it’s very noticeable! It even gave her a massive confidence boost which is AMAZING!
The mask smells so fresh and organic, it has this lemon, lime smell and a vibrant colour which makes it even more cooler! literally! It leaves my face feeling rejuvenated, fresh, as well as soft! I would recommend this product! a good 9.5/10
Lush Cosmetics is a brand that sells products that is made from vegetarian and vegan recipes. The company alsoย does not buy from companies that carry out, fund, or commission any animal testing, meaning they test their products on human volunteers before they are sold to the public. That’s pretty cool for a company to do.

Thanks for reading,

Peace out. xx


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