ESSANO – Roseship Clarifying Clay Masque + Mist Toner| Review


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Currently watching Rick & Morty while trying out this masque right now! The Product is ESSANO Roseship, Clarifying Clay Masque. The product is Made in New Zealand and is vegan. The product is meant to deeply cleanse, balance and purify. It’s meant to lift impurities and clarify the skin with the world’s highest quality natural clays and nourish with certified organic Roseship Oil, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. I usually like to leave myΒ  face masks in the fridge so it gives it this cold sensation when applying it to the face.

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Anyhooo, imma let you guys know how it goes after I shower and wash this stuff off!.
Also, the ESSANO Roseship Mist Toner is the best! I always use this after I shower if I don’t feel like wearing any foundation. The Toner makes you feel fresh and it makes my feel skin soft but firm, would definitely recommend.


So, the face masque is okay.. I wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve used I wouldn’t recommend it to others to buy it, maybe it doesn’t suit my skin type? I’m not sure. Buttttt the Mist toner is amazing I would recommend this to everyone! it’s awesome. The toner is enriched with KAKADU PLUM + GREEN TEA and it’s vegan just like the masque.

I feel like the Masque doesn’t live up to the expectation I had for it especially because I used a lush face mask the other weekend and it was probably the best face mask I’ve ever used in my life! I’ll definitely buy it and do a review for it because it wasn’t mine it was my friends and it totally made her face and mine feel like the best it’s ever felt. I SWEAR!


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Like always, please leave a comment on your thoughts of the products or if you have any other products I should review (because I like my posts short and straight to the point) or if you want a chitty chat chat.

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PUREDERM | Black Food Recipe MG: Gel Mask – Product Review


Hey guys,

So, I decided to test out another Purederm Face Mask because the other one was cool as (you would know if you read my blog posts, if you haven’t yet I recommend you go read it but only if you wannnnna not going to force you, ha ha)

I’m literally sitting here with this face mask on and you know what, it is that hard to take quality photos wearing a face mask on! I actually applaud people who can get a decent photo because my word it is that hard, I struggled. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a decent quality photo with a face mask on!

Lets get down to business then, this face mask feels really slimy like a fish at first but as it sits on your face it starts to lose its sliminess and start to go a bit dry.Β  However, it isn’t like dry dry if know what I mean? it’s still moist.

I’ll go take this thing off and tell you how it goes. Also, apparently you are meant to leave it on for 20mins, I legit don’t remember when I popped this thing on my face so give or take 20 but it feels like I’ve had this thing on my face forΒ  more than 30mins.

It says on the packet if there is any essence left massage into face. I have massaged the essence into my face guys, my face feels really cold but other than that it feels so soft and smooth, the mask actually rejuvenated my skin. My complexion seems a lot smoother and fresher which is really good! I’m pretty happy about!.

I would recommend this product just because it’s really affordable and it works! I beleive there is nothing worse than buying a product that is pricey and it doesn’t meet your expectation. Thanks for reading, comment your experience with the product or any products you think I should review or use.

Cheers for reading,

Peace. xx


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