Friends in the Philippines –

FriendsSo, a lot of my blog posts have been about why I love Philippines so much, however one of the main reasons I love Philippines is the people. 

Just like any other place there are good, bad and alright people. Although, I do find the people in Cebu friendly, I’m luckily enough I haven’t had any bad experiences, such as, hold up in a jeepney, YES! this does actually happen. The people in Philippines are just so nice and caring. My neighbourhood for instance, they’re willing to help one another and they watch out for you. There are kids on the street who isn’t as blessed with things but yet they’re so happy playing with spiders and rocks.

There was one person who recently passed away due to a car accident who made an impact on my life. I didn’t realise until he was gone that he was one of the reasons why I love Philippines so much, he showed me that Filipinos are sweet, caring and fun. I’ve never had a friend like him and I never will.


My friends in the Philippines have turned into my family, I’m very lucky and blessed. When you come to a place like Cebu you get to meet a variety of people, my friend group is so diverse it’s crazy. I have a diverse ethnic of friends in Cebu, I’ve got friends who are full Filos, half Filos, Chinese, Spanish, Iranian, Australian, American, British and so on.  So, definitely be open to meeting new people because they could impact your life for the better!






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