Deep Purifying Black O2 Bubble Mask – PUREDERM, Skin Solutions – In other words the cloud MASK!


Beauty Product Review
The Cloud MASK

I always saw on Instagram those memes about being a cloud and such, I was like whaaaaat? what is that, anyways turns out it’s a face mask.

This beauty product is something I would actually rate pretty highly, the fact that it is ‘Made In Korea’ was like a win win for me. Have you seen Korean peoples skin? flawless pretty much. Anyways, lets get into the product and review.

“The wash-off sheet mask generates O2 bubbles that removes toxins, dead skin sells and sebums to brighten your skin tone and cleanse your skin.

Charcoal powder cleanses and purifies your skin together with Orange and Lemon extract by helping adsorption of toxins and sebums. While this happens, Papaya Fruit and Sugar Cane extracts naturally removes unnecessary dead skin to brighten your skin tone.

*****This product does not contain Sulfates, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Coloring Agents, Triethanolamine or Petrolatum ****

21151063_844061782436376_708033588_nThis was the first 2 minutes, I don’t look like a cloud yet but you can hear the bubbles forming.

21122080_844061792436375_19004773_n.jpgNow i’m a cloud…


When the bubbles form, they form on the outside and inside of the mask which is pretty interesting when you think about it. When the bubbles form the mask starts to slide off your face that is when it is ready to be taken off.



After I rinsed my face, fresh, clean and soft.

I would highly recommend this product, the fact that it actually makes your skin so soft and bright is pretty amazing. Like, you get to look like a cloud but then your face is so soft afterwards, literally, just like a cloud. Literally worth the $3 dollars, i purchased this product at everyone’s favourite store, Kmart.



Thanks for reading.





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