My top 3 places to chill during the day – Cebu City, Philippines


So, I did a blog post about my top 3 places to chill at night and now I will talk about my top 3 places where I chill during the day.  So the top 3 places where you are more than likely to see me at during the day are these places listed below.

Axis Entertainment Avenue, Escario, Cebu CityStarbucksI’m usually always at Starbucks Escario this is probably one of my favourite places to hangout during the day because I can smoke darts (cigarettes) outside while I sip on my caramel cappuccino. Also, I always sit outside to study or type up new blog posts I never sit inside because I hate air con and I hate the cold. This Starbucks also has a drive thru for all those coffee lovers who needs the coffee kick on the go.


Ayala Malls, Cebu City 
maxresdefaultYes, it’s pretty cliche I know but Ayala mall is the only mall I like going to because its really relaxing and there is vast amount of restaurants and clothing stores. I usually hang out at the terraces on the 4th floor because it has Salad Stop, The Social and Starbucks. However, The Social was one of my favourite places to hang out but not anymore ever since the smoking ban it has deterred a lot of people away. The prices at The Social is quite expensive for those that don’t have the luxury to spend lavishly and it’s usually full of seedy old white men (no offence).

I usually don’t shop that much when i’m in a mall i’d rather spend on food, so my favourite place to eat in Ayala is the food court. The food court on the 4th floor is so good because you don’t have to spend a lot of money but you still get a really big meal which is amazing because I LOVE FOOD.


Banilad Town Centre, Cebu City 8892699_orig

Last but not least is BTC, I like coming here to eat at Pancake House or Dim Sim break because I really rate those places highly. Breakfast food anytime of the day is awesome so pancake house is the go!. There is also some little cool boutiques inside the centre which sells cool items. Also, craft bar is located at BTC and that’s a really cool place to chill at nighttime so if you spent all day at BTC you can just hangout at night at craft.


That’s it guys, I know my list isn’t anything special but I don’t need to hangout in lavish places with my friends. All my friends are really down to earth and relaxed who don’t feel the need to hangout at overpriced and overrated places. So, if you ever see my at any of these places come say hello, i’m really friendly 🙂


So, leave a comment on your favourite places to hangout because you never know I might make it my new place to chill.




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