Top 4 Islands/Beaches To Visit – CEBU, Philippines


Cebu has some of the most beautiful islands and beaches, therefore I have made a list of the top 4 places to visit while in Cebu (based on my perception, in no particular order)

                                   Bantayan Island | Cebu, Philippines 

Bantayan Island is located north of Cebu, this island has stunning crystal clear waters and white sands. The beaches have a soft sandy bottom and the water is only 4 feet deep at over 100 yards off shore. If you are travelling to this island make sure you rent a scooter so you can take in and experience island life. All though it’s a long commute to get to this wonderful island the magnificent and beautiful scenery makes it worth it.

    Camotes Island | Cebu, Philippines


Camotes Island is located east of Cebu, the island is known for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters just like Bantayan island, however, there are multiple caves to explore which is good for those people that crave adventure rather than just laying on the beach drinking samosas (Drinking samosas on the beach sounds terrific though).

                                      Malapascua Island | Cebu, Philippines849ed5b6c6f8e0363f035fadd6bd28bbmalapascua-slide1

Malapascua Island is situated on the northern part of Cebu, this island is fast becoming a top diving destination in the Philippines. The island is home to multicoloured corals and a vast variety of marine life that is kryptonite for those that want to dive in and experience the fascinating yet beautiful place.

                                           Moalboal | Cebu, Philippines

moal boaallMoal Boalpescador-island-in-moalboal 

Moalboal is situated on the western side of Cebu it is known for recreational diving among tourists. Scuba divers, snorkelers and free divers would love exploring the natural reefs that is home to a variety of marine life with a rich source of natural corals. Its roughly a 2 1/2hr commute to this slice of paradise so be sure to put this on your next travel trip.


You made it to the end of the post, good job for being trooper and reading.

Comment and tell me about your experiences or where your favourite islands/beaches are 🙂









Photos are not mine and have been sourced via google images.

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