My Top 3 Favourite Places To Chill At Night – Cebu City, Philippines


CEBU is one of my favourite places, it’s home for me. There are many places to hangout/chill in CEBU and these are my top 3 places where I can do that.

The Sentral –

The Sentral Bar and Lounge is located in Norkis Cyberpark, A.S Fortuna, Mandue, Cebu City. The Sentral is an Hip Hop bar/lounge that plays RnB music.

This place is really cool and has really good vibes, however, Friday & Saturday nights gets really packed. I prefer going here on a Wednesday or Thursday night when it isn’t that busy which allows you to breathe, but if you want to get lit I recommend going on a weekend. They offer outside seating which I usually prefer than sitting inside. The music is one of the reasons why I really enjoy this establishment and the whole layout is just perfect. It’s just an overall good drinking place which provides sick beats.

The Sentral, is the place to be.



Q-Bay Restaurant  – 

Q-Bay Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant located on the ground floor of Skyrise 4 building, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City.

Q-Bay is where I go to get my fix of food and alcohol, I usually go to this place before I go out drinking with my friends. It’s a really cool place to hang and they provide a non-smoking room which has air conditioning for the comfort of their customers. The restaurant is smoker friendly which is good for those who crave a nicotine hit, also if you go to this place make sure you order SOJU. Overall, this is a really cool and very quaint place to hang.



League Sports Bar – 

League Sports Bar is a entertainment and activities venue located in Pangadait, Mabolo, Cebu City.

This place is where you definitely go if you want to have fun, chill or to get your drink on. The venue offers foozeball, beer pong, 8-ball, darts and many more things. The venue offers tournaments every now and then, which is really cool for those sports enthusiasts. I really rate this place because the vibe is really chilled and the crowd usually isn’t rowdy and full of drunk annoying people.


So, there you have it guys, My top 3 places to hangout and chill when i’m home in Cebu. I hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment on your favourite places or places you think I should hang.

Peace, Roxy out.

14 thoughts on “My Top 3 Favourite Places To Chill At Night – Cebu City, Philippines

  1. Of these three, I’ve only been to Qbay .. I’ve been there twice. The first time was when my Japanese treated me and my co-workers, and the 2nd was just with 5 of my workmates. I love the ambiance of this place and of course their menu.

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    1. Their menu is good, I definitely agree the atmosphere of the place is awesome and I think that is why I love this place so much! Do you know any other places with this kind of atmosphere in Cebu? 🙂

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      1. There are a lot, I’m sure but I’ve never really been to at least a few of them. However, I’ve been to Chicken and Beer which is just beside it, and I so love their chicken esp. the spicy one. Moon Cafe and Gusto which are both also in IT Park offer great dishes, too, and nice atmosphere. There is a newly opened restaurant in IT Park as well, and it’s The Pyramid. I’ve not tried there but looking at their fb page, I guess the place is nice,


      2. Yeah, Chicken and Beer is so good as well as Moon Cafe but I really like the idea of Sugbo they have so much great food there and it comes from aspiring entrepreneurs. I haven’t been to the pyramid, however I prefer eating street food than going to fancy places. 🙂

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      3. Yay! I like Sugbo Mercado, too. They have a lot of varieties but I always go for lechon or ramen each every time I go there. Fancy restaurants are just way expensive. Street foods are okay, too, but I don’t eat them often.


      1. Yeah babe, I’m from Cebu. I haven’t been to Cagayan but my cousin is from there and she said it’s really nice, i’m sure Cagayan would just be like Cebu, you would never run out of fun things to do. 🙂

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