What’s in my bag when I travel.


Hey guys,

I’ve been drowning in University obligations and work which means I  haven’t been posting *sad face emoji*.  I’m back and ready, to kick start my 3 month holiday from University i’m going to show you guys whats in my bag when I travel.

At this very moment i’m typing this after I got back from my business/travel holiday from Filo (Philippines). My trip was amazing and I met some amazing people and hanged out with my lovely family and friends <3.

Lets get started, the photo below is my actual travel bag and all the things that are in it.


So, First of all my bag is a Louis Vuitton Backpack and it is quite a small bag, I don’t like to carry much especially when i’m on the plane, I keep it light and simple.

Obviously I have my passport in my bag as well as my itinerary, I have an international drivers licence which allows me to drive internationally.

I carry a really light shirt just in case I spill food on my shirt or I just feel gross and I want to change my top.

I carry foreign exchange as well as my debit card just in case i’m faced with  hidden fees such as travel tax or if i’m feeling peckish and I want to buy something on my layover. The debit card is actually for DUTY FREE shopping.

Headphones are for when i’m bored at the airport and I need to listen to some tunes to chill out.

You might not see it but I have an overseas sim so I don’t have to pay a hefty phone bill and it’s for when I ring and message my friends and family.

The sunglasses hide my face because have you seen it? yeah, that’s why. Sunglasses are really good for when you are tired and what to have a little nap on the plane or if you feel disgusting after that long haul flight and need to cover your face, because sometimes makeup just wont fix the problem, LOL.

I carry a charger and before I travel I make sure I have the right outlet plug for the country i’m going to because not every country have the same outlets.

I carry Nurofen just in case I might get headaches or any kind of pain throughout my holiday, I always carry the packaging especially travelling to different countries it’s just a safety precaution. Carrying the packaging can save you a lot of trouble just in the in case your bags get searched in a foreign country and they know its a pharmacy pharmaceutical and not DRUGS.

My Iphone 7 is always with me because how else am I going to Instagram my holiday and capture amazing memories.

My makeup bag is very light it doesn’t have all my makeup, all of makeup would be in my checked in luggage.

I just carry the basics that is needed on board the airplane.
My makeup bag includes: – Vaseline Hand Cream
– Maybelline BB Cream in Medium
– Kylie Jenner Matte Dolce K
– Nivea Night Cream
– Lip Smacker Lip Gloss in Watermelon
– Maybelline Contour Kit
– Nivea Underarm Deodorant

My toiletries bag just include the basics like, toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste and Nivea face wipes.

So, there you have it guys.

My travel bag is very basic but hopefully it gives you an idea what an average person takes and hopefully this blog post has helped you or even inspired you.

Anyways, thanks for reading 🙂

Love, ROXY.



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