Kylie Jenner Lip-Kits


Another review of the Kylie Jenner lip-kit colours (MATTE)

Here we go a second review of the Kylie Jenner lip-kit colours.


Kourt K


Kourt K – This colour is lovely and accentuates the face, but it also makes people look a lot more mature than usual, unless that’s the style you are going for. The colour is mysterious and dark, and would be a good colour to wear out clubbing, though don’t get to turnt up; you don’t want to ruin your lipstick









Candy K – The colour is very neutral, perfect if you are going for a natural look. Summer, Winter, Spring or even Autumn, this colour will never go out of season. I’m no expert, nor consider myself a makeup artist, but I don’t think this colour would suit a really pale person, it’s a bit light and you don’t want to look dead.





Mary J K



Mary J K – Mary J K is just an average bright matte red. I feel that this colour is very common in a lot of brands and it isn’t a necessary purchase from the Kylie cosmetics range. There is no doubt that it isn’t a pretty colour, however there are cheaper alternatives for a matte red lipstick.






XOXO Roxy.

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