Fashion is Affordable.


“Clothing is a form of self-expression there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” – Marc Jacobs

Fashion is a form of self-expression, however some people find it hard to self express through the art of fashion because clothing can be quite expensive, especially designer clothing. I however find it relatively easy to express my self through the art of fashion, I do LOVE designer clothing but unfortunately sometimes my payday doesn’t give me the opportunity to afford designer clothes all the time.

I’m preaching to the ladies out there and also the men that you don’t need to wear expensive designer clothing pieces to look good. Fashion can be affordable and you don’t need to pay full prices for items. I’ll let you guys on a little secret, I don’t purchase full priced items, YEP! its true, pretty rare for me to purchase full priced items.

Sales should be your best friend, I mean it. Sales are usually items that are being sold for a lower price because of seasonal changes or different colours are coming in for that item. I purchase sale items all the time.

My outfit in the photo are all sale pieces, no lie! promise you.

Adidas Cap: SALE item
Purchased from THE ICONIC for $20 AUD was $25
(THE ICONIC is an online shopping website)

Long Sleeve Top: SALE item
Purchased from Cotton On for $13.95 AUD was $20 (there was a 30% off all full priced clothing store wide)

Ziggy Denim High Waist Jeans: SALE item
Purchased from MYER for $27 AUD was $110
(THE ICONIC is an online shopping website)

Adidas Flux Shoes: SALE item
Purchased from THE ICONIC for $45 AUD was $110

All these clothing items I can wear from time and time again with different clothing pieces. If you are in the right place and the right time you will find a good affordable bargain.

Anyways, thank you for reading and happy shopping.

XOXO, Roxy.


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