Travel Essentials, Tips & Tricks


I travel quite frequently so I thought I’ll share some tips when travelling to make it easier for first time flyers or even frequent flyers.

Passport – It’s quite obvious with this one, if you want to leave the country then you will definitely need to bring your current passport

Photocopies – Having photocopies of your passport, itinerary, drivers licence & other important documents can help you in situations that may arise when travelling overseas. Photocopies should be kept within the bag you take onboard the plane as well as left at home for trusted family members to easily obtain.

#Tip: never put your itinerary, passport, money, bank cards all together incase someone steals  or snatch your bag then you will lose everything in just one grab.

Money – Best to have extra money at all times because some countries will make you pay departure tax or airport tax. .

#Tip: Shop around for the best buying rate on foreign cash and fees. You can also get a travel card or cash passport some sort of a prepaid card as back up, in case you dont want to use your debit card or credit card. Be sure to advise your bank that you are going overseas so the card doesn’t get blocked and you don’t get stranded with no money.

Being early – I can’t stress enough about being early, i’ve nearly missed 3 international flights and couple of domestics for not over estimating travel time to the airport.

Passport validity -Make sure your passport is valid at least six months prior to travel which I learnt the hard way.

Research – Researching the country you visit is a good idea especially if the country you visit have laws and restrictions which is usually normal in the place you abode in.

Adapter – Knowing what adapter is needed in the country you are travelling to can save you some hassle.

USB Charger cord – Most newer airplanes have a USB portal where you can charge your phone during your flight.

Water – Stay  hydrated, drink plenty of water to beat drowsiness and stick to bottled water.

Sleep –  Especially on long haul flights try and go to bed early and get a good 8-9 hours sleep, travelling can be exhausting so a good nap can help fix your mood and tiredness.

Pens – Always, always, always bring a pen, I can’t stress enough, you don’t want to be asking the person sitting next to you for a pen so you can fill out your customs declaration card.

Lollies/Gum – Some people have problems adjusting to the air pressure inside planes. Chewing gum can help with the pressure on the ears.

Camera –  Just taking stuff in isn’t enough, take photos so you can look back and reminiscence about the good times.

Clothing – Don’t wear tricky clothing, airport security will make you remove jackets, hats, belts and coats and you don’t want to be that annoying person that holds up the line.

Shoes – Airport security will likely ask you to take off shoes so be mindful, don’t wear complicated shoes that takes five minutes to do up.

Zip lock plastic bags – Zip lock plastic bags are required when carrying liquid items such as toothpaste, perfume, toiletries and such.

Open Mind – Travelling to places you’ve never been before requires an open mind, some things you may not find normal is normal to other people so be mindful and respectful of other cultures traditions and laws.

2 thoughts on “Travel Essentials, Tips & Tricks

  1. This post is super helpful, thank you!!! I will travel from Austria to Canada on Wednesday to start my study abroad there, and since I am not so used to traveling by plane, I really needed a list like this! :))
    xx chris


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