Lipstick game on point.

Matte lipstick is on the rage right now, thanks to you, Kylie Jenner.

Australis is one of my favourite matte lipsticks at the moment. The Australis brand offers bold, bright matte lipstick colours for any occasion. The lipstick colour ranges from neutrals to pinks, oranges, purples and even the bold black.


From top to bottom;
MIL- A – NO | It’s a very pale colour would suit lighter skin tones. 

BAE – JING | The light pink colour looks cute and innocent.

SHANG – HII | The fluro pink colour is good for a night out clubbing.

SAN – FRAN – DISCO | The bright orange is a very versatile colour it looks good on a tan skin colour like myself as it gives the face a nice glow.

TOK – I – O | This bright purple  lipstick  is what I use when I go out to party but I usually mix the colour MUM – BAI on the outer lips to give it an ombre effect. TOK – I – O is my favourite colour out of all the choices, it’s just such a nice colour and it legit makes you look prettier, not even joking.

DOO – BAI | This colour is very bright it looks so good when the face has no eye makeup and just that bold pink lip (Looks Fresh).

MUM – BAI | It looks brown, however the colour is dark purple, it’s such a statement and bold colour and it looks amazing for those that are daring. 

The Australis matte lipsticks can be bought from;

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse: ranging from $9-$14 dollars
Priceline: ranging from $10-$15 dollars
Glow Cosmetics: $10-$11 dollars
Kmart: $9 dollars

This product will not break the bank unlike some other brands and it’s VEGAN FRIENDLY!

These retailers have specials/deals from time to time on the Australis brand so keep an eye out for that so you can grab a bargain on this must have beauty product.


unnamed (1).jpg




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